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Leaving Keys in common code wall safes for late arriving guests is placing your business, your property owners and your guests at risk.

Are you liable or fully insured against loss, damage or even assault if illegal access into a guest’s unit is made by key?

One of the most common problems within the accommodation industry is the need to provide your guest’s with after hours access to their room keys. Until now this has been done in a number of ways that include opening by an onsite caretaker manager, calling out a security service or leaving keys in an external safe that uses a common code that provides access to all keys and compromises the security of your facility and potentially places the safety of your staff and guests at high risk.

Now there is a safe, secure and convenient method to distribute keys for late arrivals without any inconvenience to you or your guests. It’s the KEY-SAFE–KSD-L8 automatic key dispenser from KeyWatch Systems Qld.

Guests simply enter their booking confirmation or mobile number at the keypad and their room keys automatically drop into your guests hand. It’s that easy!


The very affordable key management system for all size holiday apartments, hotels, hostels and motels is finally here!

Larger systems for 16, 24, 48 and 64 keys also available.

For innovative solutions to your key management or key control look no further. KSQ’s qualified staff have been specialising in electronic key management systems since 1989. Our company is a leading supplier of KeyWatcher electronic key cabinets and systems to major government departments, commercial and industrial facilities, hotels, motels, major resorts and holiday apartments. We also have a comprehensive range of tamper-proof key rings and key-less combination locks for those difficult lock applications or simply for negating the use or distribution of keys altogether. For further details or information on our products please visit our website.

TESTIMONIAL – “We have had a KEY-SAFE installed for a while now and find it most satisfactory in dealing with our late arrivals, in the past the system that we had in place wasn’t all that reassuring for us or our clients, this is not the case these days.”

“KEY-SAFE is very staight forward to programme and operate, it’s also very convenient and safe if we need to have work done in a room and were not available. The other very important feature with KEY-SAFE is that if something were to happen to a room or client by another person our Insurance would not be effected as we have shown a ‘duty of care’ in the safety of our guests by having a KEY-SAFE installed, as opposed to any other system or procedure that is currently in use.”

“We have no hesitation in recommending KEY-SAFE to people in the Hospitality industry like myself.”


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