Key management systems are commonly used across the country in municipal buildings, such as police stations, administrative offices, museums, libraries, and more. Keys used for public buildings, municipal vehicles, and alarm boxes can be secured using Morse Watchmans automated key control systems. Municipal building key management systems are designed to safely store keys when not in use and when accessed, provide a data trail for auditing purposes.

Audit Government Building Key Activity

The KeyWatcher Illuminated and KeyWatcher Touch building key management systems let you instantly audit any key so you can determine who took it out last if it is overdue, and its transaction history. You can also generate scheduled reports on keys or users for accountability purposes. All data is automatically recorded by the system, so you never have to worry that staff might forget to sign out a key on retrieval. By maintaining control over who can access keys and having an automated audit trail of all key access activity, municipalities can be better prepared for emergency situations.

Access Control Integration with Existing Employee Identification

Many government agencies have turned to facility key management systems because they provide a higher level of access control, secure key storage, and allow management to program user restrictions. With facility key management systems, authorized personnel can simply use their existing ID badges or other verification options to retrieve and return keys, while administrators can fine-tune access privileges according to the individual user, key, and shift.

Streamlined Key Removal & Return Settings

Administrators can also associate user groups with individual key cabinets, so there’s never a long line of personnel waiting to access a single unit. If authorized, employees can even retrieve keys from one cabinet and return them to another at the end of the day. When keys are not returned when scheduled, e-mail alerts can be sent to management to allow quicker action.
Custom Modules for Municipal Building Key Management Systems
A modular, scalable design lets your facility key management system adapt to your needs and protect credit cards, laptops, and a range of other valuables. Perfect for public and office environments, both KeyWatcher Illuminated and KeyWatcher Touch protect all your assets within an all-steel, vandal-resistant housing, and offer alarm functionality and e-mail/SMS¹ alerts to keep administrators up to date on key status.


KeyWatcher electronic key management systems by KeyWatch Systems Qld are widely used by many federal, state and local government departments and agencies including Australian Customs, Border Protection Services, Australian Defence Force, Queensland Correctional Services, Casinos and Gaming Facilities.

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