Protecting Important Assets from Theft

As mobile devices become more prevalent in everyday life, so too are they used to make stadium operations—from on field game plans to boardroom displays– more efficient. Small mobile devices, including tablets and laptops, are easily stolen, so securing these devices from theft is essential. Asset management systems, equipped with RFID technology, can help to ensure that these devices are stored securely when not in use. RFID-enabled asset management allows security to easily locate stored assets, keep a record of who has removed a device and from where, and have a notification sent to them when that device is placed in the system, on any locker in the system. RFID tags can be easily placed on essential assets and tagged, making it simple to securely store mobile devices and track their removal and replacement.

Keeping Healthcare Facilities Secure

There’s always a risk of injury as athletes push themselves to win. Many sports teams therefore employ their own set of healthcare professionals and offer healthcare facilities on site at stadiums. Strictly controlling access to these facilities is essential to ensure that equipment, drugs, and other necessary tools are readily accessible to healthcare staff, but not accessible to those who might misuse or steal them. Key management can help healthcare staff by ensuring that opiates and other controlled substances can be dispensed quickly and accurately, and kept securely locked when not being used, with a key accessible only to designated users. Key management systems also make it simple to track which individuals have accessed a drug dispensary or storage area and can send notifications when a restricted substance is accessed, to provide management with a record of access and alert them instantly if an attempt is made to take controlled substances or enter hazardous areas or expensive equipment.

A sports stadium is an extensive facility playing multiple roles on any given day– hosting large influxes of people from attendees to staff to TV crews to visiting teams. To keep the stadium secure, thousands or even tens of thousands of keys may be required, and a huge variety of policies put in place. Key and asset control systems help keep stadium operations running smoothly and safely, on game day and every day.

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